Apartments for





451 Philadelphia Street

3 Bedroom/1 Bath


453 Philadelphia Street

1 Bedroom/1 Bath


125/127 S. 10th Street

5 Bedroom/2 Bath


250 S. 7th St, Apt #1

4 Bedroom/2 Bath


1150 Church Street

5 bedroom/2 bath


575 Grant Street

3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath


IUP Student Housing in Indiana

Click on the addresses below for detailed information offered at IUP student housing in Indiana. Please click on the links below to view exterior and interior photos of our properties.

Very low security deposit of $300.00 per person.

We will consider renting our 5 bedroom apartments to groups of 4 people depending on availability for SPRING 2016 only.

***We need to find several female tenants to sublet several apartments.***


Browse Online or Call Us – +1.7246818381

924 Water St. Apt #1- #2

3 Bedroom/1 Bath


928 Water Street

3 Bedroom/ 2.5 Bath


450/452 Nixon Avenue

2 Bedroom/1 Bath


258 S. 7th Street

5 Bedroom/2 Bath


1154 Church Street

5 Bedroom/ 2 Bath